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  • Tip on using a Fish Tape.

       Wiring Home > How to run wires > Fish Tape Tip
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    Fishing wires through the walls and ceiling of your home can be one of the biggest challenges of your home wiring project. Im going to share a little trick that may make your job a lot easier. Anyone that runs wires for a living knows that in a house using sections of fish tape instead of the whole fish tape makes it much easier to control which produces better results.

    Most people end up purchasing the standard 50 or 100 foot fish tape on a real, while these are great when going through pipe they are much harder to use when fishing a wire through the wall of your home. If the length I need to go is 10 feet, normally I would use just a piece of fish about 15 foot long and a smaller piece around two or three feet to pull it out through the hole. Using this technique will save you a lot of time and grief when running wires.

    Another tip Id like to share before I conclude is, if the hole you need to pull the fish tape out of is small or the wall is insulated, it can be helpful to tie string on the longer fish tape and shoot for the string. Once you get the string the head of the tape will follow.

    Share this information with a friend

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